Herring Fishery

Ed Ellsworth

The Herring are going through the San Francisco Bay now, swimming close to shore to spawn. The Herring fishing boats are here now, right off our shore, working through the night. The boat noises make it hard to sleep here near the shore of Paradise Drive. In the daytime, the sea birds, sea lions, sharks and others are having a banquet.

I post new photos every year of increase awareness of this issue. Nonresidents come here to fish the herring to sell to the sushi market. This diminishes the herring fish population that supports other animals in the bay that eat them. Alaskan fisherman truck their boats here to catch the herring when they are spawning in Winter. I have seen up to a dozen fishing boats very close to shore netting the herring. The herring roe is sold to the Japanese sushi market. I don’t like the herring fishing practice, and find it disturbing in our “back yard”.