Our History 2009 – 2016

David McGuire of Shark Stewards, Lori Grace of Sunrise Center, and Michael Bailey of Earth Island Institute began discussions in 2009 about creating a shark sanctuary in the underwater section of the SF Bay called  Paradise Cove which is rich with eel grass and is a breeding ground for herring, a forage fish for sharks and other sealife. Lori was excited about creating a breeding ground that would feed both sharks, sea lions, harbor seals and seabirds. Lori Grace was delighted to discover in 2009 that her underwater property was also a part of Paradise Cove.

In early 2011, Lori started holding many programs at her non-profit Sunrise Center (http://sunrisecenter.org) to enroll people in becoming a supporter of creating a protected marine area stretching from the Romberg Center to the Corte Madera salt water marsh. Save Our Bay, Save Our Ocean was born in 2011 as a subdivision of Sunrise Center which is a 501.C3.  In addition to many evenings, Save Our Bay, Save Our Ocean (SOBSOO) hosted boat trips in the SF Bay in 2012 which taught many people about the underwater life in the Bay, which included the return of porpoises to the San Francisco Bay. Bill Keaner of the Golden Gate Cetacean Society also joined SOBSOO in educating people about the return of porpoises on the boat trips.

In 2014, Lori learned from attending workshops offered by NOAA that creating a living coastline filled with eel grass and oyster beds could protect SF Bay area coastlines including her coastline and in so doing also greatly enhance biodiversity in the SF Bay.  What Lori has discovered is that creating a living coastline that also protects the shoreline against rising sea level in addition to enhancing biodiversity seems to be the best way  to politically approach enhancing biodiversity in the SF Bay. A significant number of underwater and shoreline property owners are particularly concerned most about saving their shorelines. Lori is delighted that the best way of saving the shorelines also enhances underwater biodiversity!

2015 was a relatively quiet year for SOBSOO. David McGuire, her main partner was spending a great deal of time abroad and Lori chose to be present for her sick and then dying mother in New York city.  Now that 2016 has happened, things are very active again. Lori discovered Tom Goreau of the Global Coral Reef Alliance early in the year. Tom’s organization is a nonprofit that assists also people in creating living shorelines with oysterbeds, eel grass and salt water marshes which are part of cold water ecosystems. He also has been involved, of course, in creating many coral reef projects. Lori has introduced him to the head people in the Romberg Center and Marin County. They are very excited about Tom’s work. Lori is also proceeding with a pilot project on her own land with a permit application to the BCDC. (see the Biorock section under Current Projects) Tom Goreau is scheduled to return to Marin County in August and to begin working with the Romberg Center and Marin County at that time and to follow up on Lori’s underwater project.